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Low testosterone treatment

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After age 30, most men begin to experience a gradual drop in testosterone levels, referred to medically as andropause and popularly as low T.

Testosterone replacement therapy, TRT, is used to help men with testosterone deficiency. Low testosterone can have a negative effect on multiple body systems in males.

TRT corrects the hormonal deficiency and imbalances, helping to relieve symptoms. TRT increases your body’s testosterone levels so that you are within a therapeutic range. In order to accomplish this goal we use a bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to optimize and regulate your testosterone levels as well as several other hormones. Since the hormones we use occur naturally in your body, it greatly reduces many of the adverse side effects commonly associated with synthetic therapies.

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At the Advanced Medical and Weight Loss Center, our goal is to help you optimize your testosterone level and begin feeling as well as you did prior to when your natural testosterone levels began to decrease.

Low T Treatment Package Includes:

  • Testosterone
  • ED meds if desired
  • Physician in-office or Telehealth visits as needed
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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Step 01: Initial Consultation

Dr. Sidhu will meet with you to conduct a thorough patient medical history and physical exam. He will assess your health concerns, goals, and lifestyle to determine if you may be a candidate for testosterone replacement. A comprehensive diagnostic blood screen will be ordered to measure your hormone levels. This will help understand your current testosterone levels and ensure we get the initial dosing correct. It will also help us identify anything else that might be going on.

Step 02: Customized Treatment Plan

If your blood screen determines that you qualify for low t treatment, Dr. Sidhu will come up with a customized treatment plan and administration method based on your lifestyle and needs.Treatment protocols include testosterone injections. We offer physician directed home self-administration protocols with telehealth appointments with Dr. Sidhu or in office visits where our staff will administer the injections. We always aim to make your treatment plan as convenient for you as possible and can even deliver certain medications directly to your doorstep.

Step 03: Follow Up

Dr Sidhu will order follow up labs to monitor your progress between 4-6 weeks after starting treatment. Another appointment is scheduled to ensure that the treatment is working as desired. Appointments are offered in person or telehealth. Once an effective dosing regimen is maintained, labs will be ordered every 3-4 months to continue to monitor your progress.